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Eud Foundation: A Must-Join for Fukushima Entrepreneurs

Eud Foundation: A Must-Join for Fukushima Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship in Fukushima, Japan is at a crucial juncture. The region, known for its resilience and innovation, is ripe for a sustainable entrepreneurial revolution. The Eud Foundation, with its global reach and commitment to sustainable development, can play a crucial role in this transformation. Here is an in-depth analysis of why Fukushima entrepreneurs should join the Eud Foundation now.

Access to capital and international markets

A significant challenge for many entrepreneurs is securing adequate financing and expanding into international markets. The EUD Foundation helps member businesses access international capital and markets, providing crucial support for growth and expansion.

In 2022 alone, the Eud Foundation facilitated over $50 million in funding for member businesses. Furthermore, through its internationalization services, the Foundation has helped over 200 companies expand into new markets, contributing to an average growth in revenues of these companies of 15%.

Building a sustainable business

The EUD Foundation's commitment to sustainability is evident in programs such as the Sustainable Business Development Program (SBDP). The SBDP guides businesses in developing and implementing successful sustainable projects. This focus on sustainability can help Fukushima entrepreneurs build businesses that are resilient, environmentally friendly and aligned with consumer values.

Data from the Foundation's 2022 Impact Report shows that companies participating in the SBDP have reduced their carbon emissions by an average of 20%, while also reporting average cost savings of 12% due to increased operational efficiency.

Support for innovation

In today's fast-paced business environment, innovation is key to staying competitive. The EUD Foundation's Innovation Lab is designed to ignite creativity, explore emerging technologies and unlock game-changing ideas across diverse industries.

The Innovation Lab has been instrumental in the launch of more than 50 new products and services in the last year alone. Participating companies have seen a 30% increase in revenue from these new offerings, demonstrating the significant potential of this program.

A global support network

The EUD Foundation provides a global platform that breaks down barriers and provides invaluable support to entrepreneurs around the world. By joining the Foundation, Fukushima entrepreneurs can connect with a global network of like-minded business experts, mentors and entrepreneurs.

In 2022, the Foundation's Global Business Mentoring Program (GBMP) facilitated over 1,000 mentoring sessions, with 95% of participating companies reporting improved business performance.


In conclusion, the Eud Foundation offers Fukushima entrepreneurs a unique combination of resources, support and opportunities. The data clearly demonstrates the tangible benefits of joining the Foundation: from increased funding and market access to results in terms of sustainability and innovative discoveries. For Fukushima entrepreneurs who want to grow, innovate and have a positive impact on the world, joining the EUD Foundation could be a game-changer.


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