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Eud International Foundation C.I.C.

The Eud International Foundation C.I.C. was founded in 2010 with one great goal: to improve the social life of all members of its community to contribute to the creation of a better and new world in which even the weakest subjects can be protected and integrated into the system, without any distinction and inequality. Aware of the innumerable crises, including the current one, of a health and economic nature, which grip our civil societies every day, modifying the relationships between the subjects involved and overturning beliefs and certainties, to such an extent that our Foundation aims to heal and fill the large gaps that promote social inequalities caused by the especially economic crises that closely affect families, businesses and states of all kinds.
Social Capitalism
Social Capitalism
To implement its project and make a decisive and incisive contribution to the improvement of collective social life, the Foundation acts through initiatives of great value and social impact based on the Method of the Economy of Communion (EoC), or "Social Capitalism". The idea of "Social Capitalism" is the innovative solution that the Eud International Foundation C.I.C. has made its own to fight and propose an alternative lifestyle to the dominant one of the capitalist system in which the daily class struggle, all over the world, shows more and more the disparities between the different segments of the population.
Social Capitalism
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"The most beautiful human work is to be useful to others."
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To counter the unstoppable and irreversible phenomenon of accumulation and concentration of capital in the hands of a few, which as a direct consequence reflects on the poverty of the poorest and most disadvantaged classes, as well as small and medium-sized companies forced to leave the market due to their position of large companies, the Eud International Foundation C.I.C. wants to act as a reference "social compensator" through the work carried out by the Study Center and the wealth of knowledge and experience contributed by all its qualified professionals in various sectors of competence.

In the face of this global crisis accelerated by the processes of industrialization and globalization, the problem of a real "social issue" has arisen which has been going on for too many decades and which our Foundation wants to help resolve by making all its know-how available how valuable to save the freedom of the market and the entire economic ecosystem.

Our model of "Social Capitalism" coincides with the creation of a consolidated system of investments with a strong social impact and useful not only for giving substance to worthy initiatives but also for supporting innovative projects in the fields of welfare, social inclusion and safeguarding the market economy itself, which today also increasingly worries the world of finance, reasonably convinced that it is necessary to contain social inequalities in order to ensure a sustainable future for our planet.

This is why our Foundation wants to position itself in this critical scenario as an accelerator capable of acting in an impactful way on the economy of all States, starting from the development of sustainable projects of economic and financial growth created for the weakest groups, from which we are rest assured that there will be a CHANGE in the focus on investments globally.
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