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1. We always and in any case work in the exclusive interest of the Natural or Legal Person Registered in our Community.

2. In carrying out our interventions, we maintain the requisites of dignity, independence and objectivity considered indispensable for the professional exercise of communication, information, training, assistance and consultancy activities and we ensure that these are also adopted by all our collaborators.

3. We do not accept engagements & assignments for which we are not qualified; if necessary, in the context of complex projects, we will assign part of the assignment to Professionals who are always part of our Community, with suitable skills, in order to guarantee a final result, with a high quality index and maximum satisfaction for our Member.

4. Before taking on an assignment in which there are particular working circumstances, any financial or other interests that may be prejudicial, in form or substance, to the success of our intervention, we inform our Member in advance.

5. All information concerning the activity of our Members, acquired during our interventions, is always considered confidential and covered by professional secrecy; therefore, they cannot be disclosed without specific written authorization from our Member and in any case they will NEVER be used for the benefit of third parties and/or for simple information and curiosity of third parties.

6. We do not accept simultaneous consultancy assignments of the same nature at several competing Registered Companies without informing the interested parties for speculative purposes.

7. We guarantee that compliance with these ethical rules will extend not only to all our direct collaborators but also to full-time and occasional collaborators and employees of the companies we invest in.

8. We will not carry out, on our behalf or on behalf of our other Members, searches and offers of employment and/or searches and direct offers of employment to personnel employed by our Members.

9. Our Members will never be able to solicit third-party candidates but anyone will follow an equal path for All with which they will have to deal with and be evaluated by our Company Organization System called "Social Capitalism" in relation to the duties and circumstances evaluated when necessary.

10. This Code of Ethics is valid and the same for ALL of our Foundation's Community in every part of the world.

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